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Our Story


Thai Silk has been the traditional wisdom of the Thais since the beginning of Thailand’s history in weaving silk to have vibrant color and unique beautiful pattern. It could be compared to the Thai Massage, which is the advanced science requiring delicacy and intention to proceed according to the knowledge and wisdom passed on from generation to generation for such a very long time. In the light of this, the Thai Silk and Thai Massage are greatly well known throughout the world.

Silk Thai Massage and Spa established by two business partners. Both have strong will, bringing the science of Thai Massage combined with the massage of the western style in order to achieve the ultimate outcome in healing your tired body and relaxing your mind in the clean and peaceful atmosphere with mild aromatic scent of our shop in Carrollton.

With our aspiration to create Thai Massage and Spa to be the best one in Carrollton, it is therefore fully decorated in Thai Style. When you arrive in our shop, you could feel happiness and peacefulness. We have the special outstanding formula to blend natural Thai traditional herbs; for example, Phlai or Rice Milk, with the modern massage technique in order to make you feel relaxation differently from other places. Our therapists are ready to treat you with knowledge and expertise to make you reach the genuine resting and relaxation.


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